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You are a video game publisher

You want to increase, manage, entertain and reward your community of players with a series of tournaments, local and/or national, online and/or offline, organized turnkey thanks to the platform and the expertness of Gamersband:

  • Tournaments setup (local/national) according to their architectures (cups, groups, championships)
  • Rules and regulations writing, matches refereeing and reporting (online/offline)
  • Specialized press relations program and management of media partnerships
  • Referencing and lead program (through Gamersband, partnering sites, Facebook and Google)
  • Setup and edition of a customized micro-site (hosted on and linkable to a domain name)
  • Providing the online communication services of gamersband (forums, chatrooms, teams management, tournaments engine…)

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You manage a venue, or services, in relation with video games

You are a video game retailer. You manage a bar, a store, a gaming venue, or even Internet services in relation with gaming. Register and manage your professional zone on Gamersband:

  • Index your place or service on Gamersband (maps, zones, ads)
  • We host your micro-site including a CMS, your forum, your chatroom, a dedicated newsfeed, your tournaments and communication tools…
  • Create deals and printable special offers to reward your audience - link offers with geocheck contest to get more people in your doors
  • Customize your pages and their themes and link a domain name

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You represent a local authority

Gamersband has been designed with the belief that video games are wonderful social links boosters. Organize with us your video games local fair or manage all year long districts clubs.

  • Gaming events design and production
  • Creation and management of video game districts clubs

Estimate according to operations’ size
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For all the offers, please contact us:

Oxent SARL / Gamersband
RCS Paris 518 858 378

76 bd Saint-Michel
75006 Paris, France

Tel. : +33 1 55 42 15 01
Mail :

International licencing

You represent a company that wants to develop Gamersband in its country, Oxent can delegate the national management of the platform through a licensing deal.


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Gamersband is still in beta version.
This feature will be available in a few weeks.

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